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We believe divorce is first and foremost a highly emotional experience. Emotions are the main cause for many drawn out and expensive divorces. For this reason, we believe that it is in both parties best interest to first seek the counsel of a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. It is only after both parties obtain the right frame of mind that they can proceed to make rational decisions that will lead to the most successful divorce outcome. Therapists are also key sources of support after the divorce. Many divorcees blame themselves and are filled with resentment and pain that limits their ability to move forward with life in a healthy way.

Where Utah Divorce Planning fits into the divorce process?


We can help divorcing parties in various ways.

  • Cordial collaboration with no legal representation: Some couples want to file for divorce on their own and without the costs of legal representation, but can’t resolve on an appropriate way to divide their assets or how to handle child support or alimony. We use a neutral approach that shows both sides the short- and long-term impact of their settlement ideas. This method allows both sides to be transparent and know if their settlement favors one side too much over the other.
  • High conflict mediation and litigation: Unfortunately, divorce frequently results in both parties’ inability to communicate in a healthy way and their divorce proceeds in bulldog fight fashion. While many times this leads to a lengthy and costly divorce, we are still able to help one side of the party understand the financial consequences of their emotional decisions. We help the divorcee by making them take a step back and look at the big financial picture so they can avoid financial mistakes that are commonly caused by emotion.
  • Highly complex asset division: Many spouses of highly compensated employees don’t understand the benefits given to their working partner. Attorneys don’t have the financial training to properly analyze and appropriately divide complex financial instruments. Having representation who understands the complexities of asset division and their short- and long-term impacts is just as important as having excellent legal representation in these highly contested cases.

Why recommend Utah Divorce Planning?

We believe taking a holistic approach to divorce results in the healthiest outcome for both parties, their children and loved ones. The way we help divorcees reach that outcome is by using advanced software that was made to help us analyze the short- and long-term impacts of divorce settlements. Having a long background of personal financial planning coupled with a specialized divorce financial planning certification, we are uniquely qualified to provide insight that no other financial professional can.


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