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Of the thousands of divorce cases I have been involved in as a judge and mediator, the case I worked on which involved Utah Divorce Planning ranks in the top 1% of the most well prepared and presented plans I have seen. The work provided by the Utah Divorce Planning Team is critically important when handling high-net-worth divorce cases. They provide a clear vision and understanding of how the assets involved will support both parties and can save thousands of dollars in litigation fees.
Retired Judge Jon Memmott, JD

Mediator, Arbinger Institute, UT

The job of the mediator is to help couples negotiate the details of their divorce without going to litigation. In that undertaking, your goal is serve as an expert that addresses all of the issues that should be addressed and help couples come to an agreement that both can live with. We believe that mediators provide a great service to the highly conflicted divorce system. Not only is mediation a way of helping couples reduce the cost of their divorce, but they are also key to helping people come to terms that will best meet their needs.

Mediating a divorce requires a certain level of knowledge in a variety of professions. Mediators come from all sorts of backgrounds with varying degrees of experience in law, finance, business and real estate appraisal, and psychology. Some divorces are relatively simple while others are extremely complex. In the case of finance, figuring out how to divide a couple’s estate can be a daunting task. We help mediators make that process easier by utilizing advanced software that was built specifically for analyzing the multiple facets of finances in divorce and the short- and long-term implications of various settlement scenarios. With a long background of personal financial planning coupled with a specialized divorce financial planning certification, we are uniquely qualified to provide insight that no other financial professional can.


Why involve Utah Divorce Planning:

  • State of the art divorce planning and forecasting tools
  • What-If settlement analysis
  • Cost effective for the client
  • Unbiased and independent analysis and recommendations
  • Settlement proposal creation
  • Pension valuation
  • Lifestyle and cash flow analysis
  • Tax analysis and filing optimization
  • Alimony and Child Support Optimization
  • Client follow-up and hand holding on divorce decree provisions


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