Divorce Planning

UDP was able to take all of our assets and liabilities into account and provide a simple picture that I could understand. They were very organized, knowledgeable and qualified in every way. I am happy with the resolution, I have more control and know how to plan for my future. – Rosemary

What Is Divorce Planning?

We recognize that divorce is an emotional experience. You may not know where to turn or what to expect when preparing for your divorce. Seeking legal counsel is a common first step for most. However, a divorce is the biggest financial transaction that most people will ever make. With that in mind, why not first seek a financial professional that is trained on the financial aspects of divorce? A CDFA can help you navigate all the financial complexities when planning your divorce. Many people fail to realize that attorneys are not financial professionals and lack the financial expertise to help you make decisions that will impact your financial future in the most positive way. Divorce planning is an essential factor for anyone considering a termination of marriage. 

Do I Need Divorce Planning?

Divorce Planning is helpful for most cases. Our most common clients are seeking a clear picture of how a division will look today and understand the long-term projections of their settlement. Are you asking yourself these questions:

  • Which accounts should I be asking for in the divorce?
  • Will my income be enough to support myself after the divorce is complete?
  • Will I need alimony to help support myself?
  • How do I get part of my spouse’s pension?
  • Should we sell the house?

Why Use Utah Divorce Planning?

Utah Divorce Planning provides a unique service to divorcees in Utah. With over 35 years of experience in the financial industry, and advanced credentials in the financial and divorce sectors, we are well equipped to provide a service that you will not get from attorneys or accountants. While attorneys are trained in understanding law, and CPAs are trained in accounting and taxes, neither has the training or experience to provide financial advice and show you what the long-term consequences are of your settlement.


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