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I’m Billy Peterson, a certified expert that can help you plan financially with divorce. Fill out this form and we’ll schedule a free call with you.

First 15 minute consultation is complementary for those who meet a minimum of $3 million in dividable assets. Remaining phone call will be bill at the rate of $150 per 30 minutes, rounding up. If you retain us as your advisor, we will bill the remaining phone call at our agreed upon hourly rate.

Free phone consultation.

Fill out this form so we can schedule a phone call with you.
I’m Billy Peterson, a certified expert that wants to know more about your situation. Fill out this form and we’ll schedule a free call with you.

5 Reasons To Hire A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

1. Financial analysis early in the divorce process can save time.

2. You save money during the divorce process.

3. Settlement options that result in a win/win for both parties.

4. Identify the effects of dividing property during divorce.

5. Analyze assets, pensions, and retirement plans.

Most financial planners excel in their chosen field but have little to no training specifically related to the financial issues of a divorce and helping clients assess the long-term ramifications of decisions during this critical period. We aim to combine the skills of both traditional financial planning as well as expertise related to the financial issues of divorce.

Experts to help craft a financial plan.
Divorce isn’t easy. Determining how to divide pensions and assets equitably in divorce isn’t easy either. That’s where we come in.
We’ve been affected by divorce as well and we know how difficult it can be.
Utah has only a handful of Certified Divorce Financial Analysts and 2 work for us.
We want to put you in the best situation financially and be prepared for life after a divorce.
Craft Your Unique Settlement.
Two of the few certified experts in Utah to help you along the way.
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The sooner you reach out, the sooner we can work together to better your life post-divorce.
Create A Plan
Our Certified Divorce Financial Analysts will work closely with you during this difficult time.
Recovery Process
With a financial plan in place, you can focus more on other things & have peace of mind.
Our Testimonials

Trusted to give you great results.

“They provide a clear vision & understanding of how the assets involved will support both parties and can save thousands of dollars in litigation fees.”

Jon Memmott, JD.
Retired Judge

“I was grateful you were present in my mediation. It clarified for me the division of assets as you had it reflected on a screen for everyone to visualize.”

Former Client

“Billy Peterson and the Utah Divorce Planning team took the ranker out of the divorce process and provided us with an amicable solution.”

Former Client
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