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Utah Divorce Planning assisted on a case where alimony and the division of high value assets were areas of conflict. They provided extensive analysis, including spreadsheets and graphs, that helped the parties to understand the impact different outcomes could have on their case. They were very professional with their presentation, and I feel their input greatly impacted the resolution of the case and our client’s ultimate satisfaction.
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Utah Divorce Planning’s goal is to help divorcees and their attorneys understand the long-term implications of their proposed divorce settlements. Having a long background of personal financial planning coupled with a specialized CDFA (certified divorce financial analyst) certification, we are uniquely qualified to provide insight that no other professional can.

Why Hire Utah Divorce Planning:

  • State of the art divorce planning and forecasting tools
  • Cost effective for your client
  • Unbiased and independent analysis and recommendations
  • Liability protection against potentially giving financial advice
  • Case theory development assistance
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Settlement proposal creation
  • Pension valuation

Services Include:

  • Discovery Consulting
  • Financial Affidavit Development
  • Income Analysis
  • Marital standard of living and future lifestyle analysis
  • Tax analysis
  • Placement of Life Insurance as security for spousal and child support obligations
  • Alimony Recapture and Child Contingency rule analysis
  • Lump-sum alimony buy-out analysis
  • Client follow-up on divorce decree provisions and other wealth protection strategies
  • Property equalization reports and what-if scenarios
  • Business valuation/complex financial asset valuation
  • Analysis of pension division options


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